Captain America: Reborn #6 Review

February 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Review by OneStopGeekShop

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COVER BY: John Cassaday
WRITER: Ed Brubaker
PENCILS: Bryan Hitch

Here’s the thing, I dig Captain America and in the regular series I think Brubaker has done a really great job but I am just plain disappointed in this series. We all knew Steve was coming back and personally I think they did an decent job, time wise, in how long he’s been gone but this was not A game Captain America. The portion of the book when Rogers and Red Skull are having a battle of the brains was way under developed. Come ON! These guys are arch enemies and they have all of 5 water skimming lines of dialogue while they are fighting for their lives and control of Captain America’s body!?! Good lord! They might as well have been saying:

"I hate you"
"No, I hate YOU"
"Well I hate you more"
"Nuh uh I hate YOU more"
"Well your Mom’s a (expletive deleted)"

Right? You get the point.

Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I expected too much. Maybe I should have waited for the TPB instead of wasting $24 on the series. Or maybe I should have just checked out the 10 different books Steve Rogers showed up in BEFORE THIS SERIES WAS COMPLETE!!! (okay, three exclamation points is a bit much and 10 books may be an exaggeration but COME ON)

Going to go read Green Lantern to get out of this funk,

That was my review on and you’d think that would be enough but, as you can see, I’m not too happy.  So, where else to vent your frustrations but FACEBOOK?

Steven Ventress – This is how I felt about Captain America: Reborn #6. Also, was anybody else pissed off about the doomsday shot at the end that looked like they just transposed a scene from War of the Worlds and put Steve Rogers in for Tom Cruise?!? I expected more from Brubaker.


Followed By:

Steven Ventress – So, after that last comment I HAD to make this. Don’t worry…I hate me too.


So, yeah . . . enjoy!


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